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The golden online security advice is to use a unique random password or passphrase for every service. Password reuse across multiple sites is the primary reason of identity theft and losses associated with hostile account takeover. When the attackers get your one password they will try automated sign-in to every online service possible.

The longer, the better chance of your password not being discovered by attackers.

The only way to defend against this is generating a random password – it’s impossibly hard to guess by a brute-force dictionary attack and attackers will go for easier prey. Make sure it’s at least 16 characters long!

Using Total Password to store the data users typically must type into web forms is easy and secure with the Identities feature. When the user is ready to purchase or submit the address form, Total Password will automatically fill in the necessary information by clicking the icon.

All Identities are encrypted locally on the user’s computer or mobile phone.