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Android Setup and Certificate Setup

Activating Total Adblock

  • If you already have an account with us, please Tap the I Already Have an Account button.
  • If you do not, please Tap on I'm New to Adblock

  • Tap OK on the Connection Request Prompt
  • By setting up a connection we change the way your connection works, a bit like a VPN does which allows us to filter the incoming adverts.

    If you choose to not select OK to trust the VPN Connection, Adblock will not work.

  • Allow Total Adblock to access media on your device
  • This is only so the app can install the downloaded certificate from your downloads folder. Total Adblock does not access anything else.

  • Certifcate Generate and Save in Downloads File Area
  • Total Adblock will ONLY be accessing the downloads folder of which the certificate will be saved into.

  • Once saved, the image below will pop up on the Total Adblock App and you will need to tap on Go To Settings

  • Go to Settings will bring up the window below, you will then need to navigate to Other Security Settings or Encryption & Credentials

  • From Other Security Settings, you will need to navigate to Install From Device Storage or Install a Certifcate

  • In Install From Device Storage or Install a Certificate, proceed to CA Certificate

  • Once you have Tapped on CA Certificate, the below window will appear called Your Privacy is at Risk. Tap on Install Anyway to proceed in installing the Certificate

  • Enter your device Security PIN or Fingerprint and tap Continue

  • Select Download

    Select the Total Adblock Certificate

    Tap on Done

  • The below window will show a confirmation message of CA Certificate Installed

  • Congratulations, you have now successfully activated your Total Adblock!
  • If you have any issues with the activation of this application, please review the steps above carefully.

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